Members of AAAE are encouraged to get involved in the organization. If you want it to work for you, you have to work! Heres the list of committees and who to contact:


Darlene Jang (

Winifred Au (

1. Advocate/Create programs that provide procurement opportunities for Membership.

2. Seek procurement opportunities for membership.

3. Communicate opportunities to Membership.


Chair: Ben Au (

1. Provide excellent customer service for Membership.

2. Maintain current Membership information.

3. Increase Membership.

4. Develop and mentor new Board Members.

5. Develop Board Manual (Duties, Responsibilities, and Procedures).


Chair: Ben Au (

1. Promote AAAEs Purpose, Mission, and Vision.

2. Create effective and efficient forms of communications.

3. Promote use of website.


Chair: Ben Au (

1. Create an excellent external image of AAAE Members.

2. Prepare Membership for the challenges of A/E professions.

3. Manage professional development programs.

4. Inspire excellence in professional services provided by AAAE Members.


Chair: Marlene Wong (

1. Create a memorable and enjoyable event.

2. Provide a venue for networking among Members and between Members and public and contracting officials.

3. Honor those, within or outside of the organization, who have greatly contributed to AAAE goals and success.


Chair: Meng-Hsiu Chen (

1. Build relationships among Members and their clients and guests.

2. Provide an informal, enjoyable, and memorable event for Members.